About us

Proton E.E. Electronics was established in 1995 in the city of Daruvar. We started small, with one goal – to provide engineering solutions, sales services and maintenance for local manufacturing factories. In the year of 2009, we opened our Zagreb office.

Today, things are a bit different but the essence is the same: nowadays, we provide consulting services, engineering services, project management, and programming services. We are also glad that we established very strong connections with our partners and together create a unique ecosystem.

Head office and street address: Doljani (City of Daruvar), Duga ulica 12

Industry:  Manufacturing of computers and office equipment, manufacturing of electrical appliances, sales, and installs.

OIB: 49784522730

MBS: 010005610

Where the company is registered: Commercial court, Bjelovar

Capital: 1.877.400,00 kuna

IBAN E&S: HR8124020061100686670

Director: Mirko Šulc